Small Works Package

Get the architectural services you need, minus the fluff.

Sometimes you just don’t need an Architect.

Or that’s how it feels right? Maybe you know exactly how you want to adapt or extend your home. You just need a little help with the bits you can’t do yourself.

You are not alone. Right now, there are thousands of homeowners planning to do simple renovation projects. They don’t want or need to pay thousands of pounds to a “fancypants” Architect. They don’t need a full-on architectural service package.

Maybe you’re planning a simple renovation like adding a dormer to an existing loft room?

Or removing internal walls to form a kitchen / diner?

Or building a detached garage or other detached building?

Perhaps you want a 3m x 4m single room extension with a pitched roof and some rooflights? You can see it in your head. You just need someone to draw it. To make sure it complies with the building regulations and to provide plans for your builder to price from.

Maybe you’ve decided to part company with your architect after getting planning permission? You need help to get through the building control stage but would prefer to work with someone else. You didn’t like him anyway. 😊

Maybe your builder needs some extra construction details to work from?

Or perhaps you’d like someone to produce a computer-generated 3D model of your home from 2D floor plans?

Maybe you’d like help to prepare ‘as existing’ floor plans of your home to develop your own ideas?

Jon Clayton provided me with plans for a single storey rear extension. Jon was proactive and responded effectively to my queries regarding the design…I am delighted with the outcome…I have no hesitation in recommending Jon

Dennis Strafford

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