Are structural calculations included?

If you ask an architectural design company for a quotation this may be a question you are wondering about. Structural calculations are often required by building control. But do architects include structural calculations in their fee quotations?

The Simple Answer?

In most cases, structural calculations will not be included in an architect’s quotation.

Why is that the case?

Let me explain. Would you go to a butcher’s shop to buy a loaf of bread? Probably not…but butchers and bakers both sell food, right?

Would you go to a shoe shop to buy a new shirt? No, you wouldn’t, would you? That would be a pretty daft thing to do. But shoe shops and clothing outlets both sell things you can wear.

Architects and structural engineers are both involved in the design of buildings but they’re both completely different professions.

An architect wouldn’t usually be qualified or capable to provide structural calculations for your project so wouldn’t usually include them in a quotation, but a structural engineer would be able to do this.

Are structural calculations ALWAYS excluded from architectural fees?

Not always, as some architectural practices are multi-disciplinary which will mean that alongside the architects and other architectural staff, there’ll be other construction industry professionals, such as structural engineers, working alongside them, and those fees may have been included in your fee proposal.

Beware of subcontracted structural services

There are a minority of architectural design companies that will include structural calculations within their fee proposals but then subcontract that element of the work out to another company. If you do get a quote from somebody for architectural services and it does include structural calculations within that quotation, be sure to ask them if those calculations are going to be done in-house or whether that’s gonna be subcontracted to another company. If in the unfortunate case that are there any problems, then you’ll want to know who’s gonna be taking liability for any issues that have occurred because of the structural design.

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