How to pick a builder for your home renovation project.

If you need a builder for a home renovation, you can spend hours scouring the internet and asking all of your friends for recommendations, but how on earth do you pick the right builder for your project? Here are a few tips to help you pick a builder for your own home renovation project.

Has the builder come recommended?

Have any of the builders come recommended, and if so, by whom? Do you trust their opinion? If the builder did come recommended by someone you know, I’d ask them if the builder completed a similar job for them to the one that you’ve got planned.

I’d also recommend checking if the builders are a member of any trade body or association, although personally, I don’t place too much value on this. Many of the best builders I’ve got to know over the years aren’t a member of a trade body, they don’t have a website, and they rarely advertise. Their work is that good that they don’t need to do any of the advertising and they’ve often got a waiting list of many months, sometimes over a year. Most of their business comes from word of mouth recommendations from happy past customers.

Is the builder’s experience relevant and is it recent?

There are literally hundreds of thousands of builders across the UK, all with different levels of experience and areas of expertise. Make sure that the builder’s level of experience and area of expertise is appropriate for the type of project that you’ve got planned.

For example, if you are looking for a builder to convert your loft, what good is it if the last loft they converted was 25 years ago? That’s probably not going to be much help. And equally, choosing a building contractor that’s used to doing small repairs and small renovation projects to do your ‘Grand Design’ could end up being a renovation nightmare.

What was your first impression of them?

Go with your gut. Do you feel comfortable around the builder? Do you trust them? Remember that depending on the type of project that you’ve got in mind, you may have that builder working around your home for many weeks. Do you think that you’d feel happy and comfortable having that particular builder working in and around your home for weeks on end?

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