Do I really need an architect?

When you say ‘architect’, do you really mean ‘a guy that draws plans’?

It’s not just architects that design and draw buildings. So if the question you’re really asking yourself is, do I need a guy to draw plans? Then it really depends on the type of home renovation project you’ve got in mind.

If your project is going to need planning permission, you will definitely need some plans.

If building control approval is required for your home renovation project, you’re not legally required to submit plans, as you can get work signed off by building control via a building notice.

There are compelling reasons why you may still want to get plans for your project though.

If you want control over the outcome of the design, costs and finishes then getting plans really should be a must.

Are you planning a ‘grand design’ or a ‘been done before’ type of project?

If you’re planning an innovative ‘grand design’ style project, then having an experienced building designer, helping you to bring your project to life is really a must.

Employing an architect would be the logical choice, but if you’re planning one of those, it’s been done a thousand times before projects, then you don’t necessarily need to employ an architect.

An architectural technologist, architectural designer or draftsperson should be more than sufficient, but just remember, there are no hard and fast rules here.

Just because someone is an architect is doesn’t automatically mean they will be able to deliver an innovative design. On the flipside, there are plenty of architectural technologists and architectural designers that also produce innovative designs.

Architects, like any other profession, will range from mediocre to amazing. The same can be said of the other architectural service providers within the industry. There will simply be some people’s work that you like and others you don’t like. After all, design is subjective.

Do you really have a clear idea of what you want?

If you do then great, you probably don’t need an architect.

If you’re not feeling sure about what you want, employing a good architect or architectural technologist can really help develop the design into something that really works for you.

A good architect or architectural technologist can add a huge amount of value to your renovation project. If you think their fees seem a little expensive, just remember, this is an investment, not a cost.

A well-designed renovation or property extension can add significant value to your property and increase your quality of life many fold.

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