Should you put all your home renovation plans on hold during a global pandemic?

This is not a question I ever thought I would have to answer.

The simple answer is NO. You shouldn’t put all of your home renovation plans on hold.

Here are three reasons why I think you should go ahead, and keep planning your renovation.

1) Home renovators never allow enough preparation time for their projects.

If you’re planning anything other than a tiny project, the preparation can take months. You’d be surprised how long it can take from finding the right architect or designer to help produce plans and drawings to bring your ideas to fruition, to get through planning and building control, finding the right contractor, dealing with any third-party consultants like engineers or any other specialists that might need to be involved. This whole process can take ages, easily more than six months in many instances.

If you’re planning a renovation, even if you’re not planning to proceed with construction work until later this year or next, there’s a compelling argument to get on with planning it now.

2) There is a skills shortage in the construction industry.

We already have a skills shortage in the construction industry and we might lose a few firms over the coming months. If you’ve got a contractor in mind that you want to work with, you need to get booked into their diary FAST. Good builders can be hard to find. You can end up having to book yourselves quite far ahead into their diaries to make sure that they can do your project.

What do you think will happen if everybody puts their home renovation project planning on hold this year?

The builders that manage to stay in business through this pandemic will find their diaries become even fuller than usual. Builders’ diaries are gonna be seriously full next year.

If you can, do all of your pre-construction preparation. Get your renovation design done. Get your drawings done and emailed to builders so they can price your project whilst stuck at home. Get your project pencilled into a builder’s diary and reserve your place in the queue with your ideal builder. Subject to a site visit and a meeting with you when its safe to do so, you’ll be able to get your project started on-site as soon as possible.

3) Small Businesses Need Your Support.

If small businesses are not supported by their customers over the coming months, then a LOT of businesses are gonna fail. That might include businesses you were keen to work with such as a particular architect, designer, or building contractor.

If you’ve got savings or finance in place for your home renovation, and the only thing holding you back is feeling unsure about whether it is possible to progress, please reach out to these people.

Reach out to the designer or architect, the kitchen designer, the interior designer, the building contractors. All the people that you were thinking of contacting before coronavirus and lockdown happened. Reach out to them and ask, “Is there any way we can progress anything at the moment?”.

You’ll find that the majority of businesses will adapt and find a way to safely progress things with you. There’s an awful lot that can be done remotely. And by doing that, you’re helping secure your position in the queue, helping yourself but you’re also helping all those small-business owners to survive this pandemic and economic crisis. You’ll also be helping the wider economy.

The one exception

If your financial situation has changed. Maybe you’ve lost your job or you’re having to close your business, or you’re furloughed. Maybe you just haven’t got the savings and finance in place to go ahead with the renovation. If that sounds like you, then I would say you’d be wise to put things on hold until your financial situation improves.

That’s my thoughts on the situation. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it too so feel free to email me about this.

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