Jon’s #1 Tip if you’re thinking of extending or renovating your home.

Allow enough time.

How much time is enough? ⌚️

Probably longer than you might think. First, you’ll need to find an Architect or Designer to help you develop your ideas into a workable design. Depending on the nature of your project and your Designer’s availability this can take anything from a few weeks to several months.

Will planning affect how much time I need to allow? 

If your design needs planning permission, you’ll need to allow a further two to three months.

You might need detailed drawings to get building regulations approval and to help you get builders quotes. If input is needed from other specialists, such a structural engineer, this stage will take longer to complete. I’d suggest allowing one to three months.

What about finding a builder? 

So now you’re ready to find a builder. Depending on where you live a good builder can be hard to find. I’d allow another month or so to meet with them and obtain quotations. Good builders may have a waiting list of 6 months or more before they can start your job.

As you can see, all this preparation can easily take longer than a year.

That’s assuming you don’t hit any snags with planning permission, party wall matters or anything else that could slow things down. When you finally start the build, this could take anything from six weeks for a small extension to over six months for a large extension and renovation project.

So what can you do about it? 

If you are thinking about extending or renovating your home within the next year I strongly recommend you start preparing right now. ?

If you’d like me to answer your questions about extending or renovating you home or working with an architectural designer please book a call using my discovery call booking system.

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