Interactive 3D floor plans; the future of property plans?

Step into the future with fully interactive 3D floor plans! Take a virtual walk through your property as your dream interior comes to life.

What are interactive 3D floor plans?

Interactive 3D floor plans are a dynamically generated 3D environment allowing you to ‘virtually’ walk or fly through a property. The 3D floor plans are beautifully rendered and give you a stunning user experience as you navigate around the property, rotating and zooming around the floor plan to view from differing angles.

The 3D floor plans are hosted online, you can access through your web browser on a variety of devices such as your phone, tablet or laptop.

Fully editable, you can add furniture, fixtures and fittings to the 3D floor plans from a huge catalogue of real furniture.

The 3D floor plans are also Virtual Reality (VR) ready, you can view the interactive 3D floor plans through google cardboard compatible devices to give you a truly immersive experience.

We can explain fully in jargon-free language how to use the plans so that you get the full benefit. We pride ourselves on offering frustration free architectural services.

What are the benefits of interactive 3D floor plans?

  • You can virtually furnish any property before making big decisions, such as the buying or leasing of a house or flat.
  • You can virtually walk around a 3D floor plan of a proposed house extension or home remodel.
  • You can space plan your existing home to explore new furniture layout opportunities without having to physically move your furniture.
  • If you are buying a new build home or undertaking a self-build project you can start planning your interior layout and explore furniture layouts whilst your home is still being built.

What information is required to produce an interactive 3D floor plan?

We need a 2D floor plan from you in order to produce interactive 3D floor plans.

If you already have 2D floor plans prepared by others, we can convert those 2D floor plans into interactive 3D floor plans. Estate agent’s floor plans and Architect’s plans can all be used to prepare 3D floor plans.

If you are already a client then interactive 3D floor plans can be prepared as an add-on service to our design and drawing services.

Who would benefit from interactive 3D floor plans?

3D interactive floor plans would be ideal for you if …

  • You are thinking about buying or leasing a property
  • You are selling a property and want to better showcase the space
  • You are planning to extend or renovate your house
  • You are considering a new furniture layout for your home
  • You are buying a new build property or undertaking a self build project

You can view a sample 3D model above.

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