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The Planning Portal website is a fantastic online resource that contains a number of useful guides for home renovators.

The interactive house and interactive terrace provide a visual guide to the most common home renovation projects. These interactive guides are a great way to find out what to consider first before undertaking work on your home.

There are many alterations that can be done to your home that do not require planning permission. The Planning Portal’s mini guides provide clear guidance on permitted development rules for householders. Mini guides are available for Loft Conversions, Extensions, Conservatories, Outbuildings and Porches.

The website includes guidance on your responsibilities when undertaking building work. These cover requirements such as Planning Permission and Building Regulations and also guidance on considerations before you start work and other permissions you may require.

The website also includes a huge selection of common project guides covering a variety of home improvements and alterations. We’ve collated a list of links for you below:-

Adverts and signs


Biomass fuelled appliances

Boilers and heating

Ceilings and floors

Change of use





Doors and windows

Drains and sewers


Energy saving


External walls


Fences, gates and garden walls

Flats and maisonettes

Flue, chimney or soil and vent pipe

Flues for biomass and combined heat and power systems (non-domestic)

Fuel tanks

Garage conversion

Gate ornaments

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps (non-domestic)

High hedges

Home energy generation

Hydro electricity


Internal walls

Kitchens and bathrooms


Loft conversion

Micro-Combined Heat and Power

Neighbourhood planning


Patio and Driveway

Paving your front garden



Satellite,TV and radio antenna

Self build homes


Solar panels

Solar panels (non domestic)

Trees and hedges


Warehouses and industrial buildings

Working from home

Wind turbines

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