Time for a guest post, this time its from Jason Kennedy of Townscape: Chartered Town Planners & Heritage Consultants….Enjoy!

Heritage Planning – Learn the basics

As with all things planning related, it can get complicated.

Heritage planning in particular has its own set of planning regulations and these apply to Listed Buildings, properties in Conservation areas, and Locally listed buildings. The rules aren’t complicated but a little more care and attention is required. From a householder point of view the following will be of use.

If you own a listed building you will need to apply for Listed Building Consent and this is required for all changes inside and out of your property, however minor you may think!!

Common applications will be to improve/replace windows, doors, roof improvements, small extensions, general updating and in some cases alterations to outhouses, erection of garages and in rare cases garden alterations.

Internally consent will be required if you wish to remove/alter walls, ceilings, floors, doors, staircases, fireplaces and any decorative features such as ornate plasterwork or stained glass.

If in doubt please contact a heritage consultant who will be able to help.

If your property isn’t listed but is within a conservation area, your restrictions on alterations and improvements is less restricted. You will need to apply for normal planning permission for demolition, an extension, changes to your roof, to build a garage or for a change of use.

If your local planning authority has removed all of your Permitted Development Rights through a Article 4 notice you will need to apply for planning permission to change your windows and doors or roofs.

If your property is considered to be of local historic interest, your rights to change and make alterations are similar to most other householders. However, if you wish to demolish the building, greater scrutiny will be given on any planning application submitted for its replacement.

The planning framework affecting heritage and most planning issues is contained within the National Planning Policy Framework.


Townscape:  Chartered Town Planners & Heritage Consultants can advise and assist on all aspects of our built environment. Contact Jason via info@townscape.org.uk or visit Townscape’s website www.townscape.org.uk.

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